Intellectual Property Expert Witness Services

James T. Berger, Principal of Market Strategies, offers trial lawyers and their clients a unique capability in dealing with marketing-oriented intellectual property legal actions — especially in performing and critiquing trademark confusion surveys. He combines the real-world, practical orientation of a professional business person with the theoretical knowledge of the academician.

Attorneys seeking advice on trademark infringement surveys are invited to contact Mr. Berger for a no-obligation initial consultation.

Marketing Consulting

Mr. Berger offers integrated marketing communications services including research and strategic analysis; developing the marketing plan and budget, and hands-on implementation through advertising, public relations, direct mail, graphic design, etc. Business development and client retention services including strategic analysis, helping clients create a “marketing culture,” training, and on-going monitoring and assessment.

Writing Services

James T. Berger is also a freelance writer who has developed articles on a wide assortment of business-related topics. He has contributed to a variety of publications.

$54 Million Verdict

Jim Berger was survey expert for Black & Decker in its $54 Million court victory over Positec USA.

Trademark Surveys 2015 Published

A second edition of Trademark Surveys – A Litigator’s Guide by James T. Berger and R. Mark Halligan was published in early 2015. The book is being marketed by Lexis-Nexis (Matthew Bender).

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